Welcome to the 2021 FR Americas Championship season!

Below, we outline all you need to know to kick your season off on the right foot. Please read the entire page before beginning the registration process.

Parella Motorsports is excited to add these championships to our 2021 schedule. Joining with SVRA, Trans Am, and International GT groups is going to make for a very diverse and exciting season.

As we transition into a new environment, please review the 2021 F4FR Entrant Checklist  before starting anything. It gives you a road map to complete the paperwork correctly the first time. 

General Information


Contact Information

Below, you will also find direct contacts to those involved in the series: 

  • Engine Manufacturer- Honda Performance Development: 

      Vehicle Registration

      First up is completing the Vehicle Registration forms to get your car(s) registered for the year. If you registered a number in 2020 and raced it, you have the "right of first refusal" to renew that number until 11:50 PM CST on January 15th. Once that deadline is past, then the numbers will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. A separate form must be completed for each vehicle to be registered. This can be done by the driver or the team principal. A completed form along with a form of payment must be sent to FRF4Registration@parellamotorsports.com to reserve your number.

      This can be done by the driver or the team principal. Before clicking the link, gather the following information:

      • Team Principal Information (name, email, cell number)
      • Crew Chief Information (name, email, cell number)
      • Team Representative (name, email, cell number)
      • Chassis Number
      • Transponder Number
      • Paddock Space Requirement
      2021 FRF4 Vehicle Registration

      Driver Registration

      All drivers are required to register each year. The below packet for Competition License (Driver Packet) can be completed and returned to FRF4Registration@parellamotorsports.com as well. 

      Before clicking the link, gather the following information:

      2021 F4FR Driver Packet

      Crew Registration

      All crew members must register for a credential prior to the beginning of each season. Please note that crew credentials are not available for those under 14 years old. The below packet for Annual Credentials (Crew Packet) can be completed and returned to FRF4Registration@parellamotorsports.com as well.

      Before clicking the link, gather the following information: 

      2021 F4FR Crew Packet

      Event Registration

      Teams and/or drivers can register for events once they have completed their season registration paperwork. Upon completion, you'll be sent login details for the Parella Motorsports Holdings website and will have access to register. Additional event information can be found on the 2021 Event Information - Official & Non-Official page, also accessed via the Competitor Portal

      Event Credentials

      Event credentials for your guests will be available for some events. The Single Event Credential form will be linked once we launch it for the 2021 season. Please note that if spectators are not allowed for an event, Single Event Credentials will not be offered. Access will only be allowed with a season credential. Due to COVID-19, some events will not allow for non-essential personnel. We will update the Team Principals of these changes as they are determined. 

      Media Credentials

      Team and driver media representatives will need to register for the season using the 2021 F4FR Crew Packet . For all other media inquiries, please contact Sydney.


      The F4 U.S. & FR Americas Championships utilize two main forms of communication and houses it all on a Championship Competitor page. Our official mailing list distributes schedules, updates, memos, and bulletins. During events, we provide series alerts and updates via WhatsApp as a free alternative to text messages. Click the link to sign up or access these areas. 


      Please don't hesitate to reach out to Sydney!