Illinois driver set to activate all platforms to help stamp out deadly disease

JOILET, IL (March 5, 2021) – American race car driver Jordan Missig has added a new goal to his 2021 competition season, alongside his continuing target of winning races and championships while developing his skills. Having recently announced his return to the Formula Regional Americas Championship Powered by Honda with Newman Wachs Racing, Missig is also pleased to announce that he will be partnering with PSA CHECK to help spread the work about the early detection of prostate cancer in men through the Prostate Specific Cancer Antigent (PSA) test.

The 22-year-old will be a spokesperson for the registered 501 c3 non-profit organization and will promote the cause through many different platforms and opportunities. The fan base in motorsports features a significant male population and represents a valuable component to reach the critical demographic.

“I am honored to partner up with to help raise awareness about the importance of early detection and testing,” Missig stated. “Men’s health and safety is an important factor in racing and I am determined to raise awareness about this deadly disease in an effort to win the race to stop Prostate Cancer.”

PSA Check, Inc. was founded by accomplished businessman and philanthropist Obie Johnson, a survivor of Stage 4 prostate cancer. Diagnosed over four years ago, he still battles today. Due to his first-hand experience with the disease and the circumstances surrounding his diagnosis, Mr. Johnson remains committed to the fact that the currently recommended age to begin regular prostate examinations is just too late. Understanding that men are generally uncomfortable with prostate examinations and even discussion of the subject, there is more we can all do. The Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test is a simple blood test that can identify men who may be at high risk for Prostate Cancer. Armed with this critical information, men and their physicians can begin to win the battle with treatment and management against terminal Prostate Cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death among men in the U.S. PSA Check, Inc. is committed to making the male population aware and active in this battle.

“PSACHECK is pleased to partner with Jordan to help broaden our reach and mission to create awareness of prostate cancer and the benefits of early detection through screening,” added Johnson. “Our awareness campaign is similar to the breast cancer awareness campaigns in the 1970s to educate women of the benefits of mammogram screening.”

Jordan will have the logo on his Ligier and on his race suit when he hits the track in 2021 to resume his testing program with Newman Wachs Racing. Missig and have recently produced an informative promotional video and Jordan will be actively spreading the message to facilitate the engagement of critical corporate donor participation in the Donor Network, which will help fund research and continued awareness while providing valuable demographically targeted media exposure for members of the Donor Network.

Missig will begin the 2021 season at the Formula Regional Americas Championship Powered by Honda at their Preseason Test event on March 8th & 9th at Virginia International Raceway.