NEWS FLASH: David Malukas Drops Hammer on Lundqvist in Homestead Final Win; Lundqvist Clinches Provisional 2020 Title

David Malukas lit the Homestead-Miami Speedway circuit on fire Sunday during the Formula Americas Regionals Championship Powered by Honda finale, opening up more than a nine-second lead over second-place Linus Lundqvist before taking his second victory of the season. 

Starting third, Malukas slid by front-row starters Lundqvist and Victor Franzoni after the pair battled for the point off the line. From the Turn 1 pass, Malukas was able to pad more than a nine-second gap between second-place Franzoni and third-place Lundqvist. 

But with the championship on the line, Lundqvist wasn't giving up without a fight. Needing at least a second place finish to clinch the championship early, Lundqvist worked Franzoni for six laps before overtaking for P2. Not settling for second, Lundqvist hunted down Malkuas. 

Malukas dropped wheels off in Turn 1 which allowed Lundqvist to cut Malukas' lead in half. Lap by lap Lundqvist got closer. Looking for a caution that never came, Lundqvist had to settle for second-place, a result he's never this season, crossing the line just 0.985-seconds behind race-winner Malukas. 

The runner up finish was enough to clinch the provisional title three rounds early. 

Franzoni finished third with Logan Cusson and Dario Cangialosi rounding out the top five. 

The FR Americas Vice Championship is still in play and will go down to the triple-header finale at Circuit of the Americas October 23-25. 

Provisional Results: