F3 Americas Drivers Experience USGP Outside the Cockpit

Even though the F3 Americas Championship Powered by Honda drivers weren’t competing at Circuit of The Americas Nov. 1-3, they were taking full advantage of the opportunities off-track that the Untied States Grand Prix weekend offered.

Promoting the series and themselves, F3 drivers gave Formula One fans the full track experience by co-hosting circuit truck tours filled with hundreds of fans, joining F4 U.S. series announcer John Fippin in the commentary booth to call the world record-breaking F4 race, appearing on several racing panels throughout the weekend, serving as driver coaches for F4 competitors and calling the F1 race on Sirius XM Radio with Speed City Broadcasting.

“What we do outside of the car is just as important to our racing career as driving,” said F3 Americas Global Racing Group rookie Blake Upton. “All of the opportunities that were provided to me by SCCA Pro Racing were very useful to my professional future. I met a lot of amazing people over the weekend. The F4 drivers were a blast to watch and put on a great show for the crowd, which is really important at the F1 weekend. I really had great time at Circuit of The Americas and look forward to driving here again in the future.”

The 2019 Formula 4 United States Championship Powered by Honda title holder Joshua Car also confirmed his 2020 season plans during the USGP. With support from Phillips 66, Honda Performance Development, Ligier, Hankook Tires, SCCA Pro Racing, Sabelt, Druck and BRM Chronographs, Car announced his bid for the F3 Americas championship with Crosslink Competition.

“I am super excited to enter F3 Americas next season,” said Car. “I’ve been extremely fortunate to receive all these opportunities from Patrick Flynn and the Crosslink team from go karts to F4 and now F3. This is a dream come true to me and I want to make work as much as I can.”

Overall, the F3 Americas and F4 U.S. drivers made more than 50 appearances and were the focus of several media interviews throughout the USGP weekend.

The 2020 F3 Americas Championship Powered by Honda schedule will be announced in the upcoming weeks. For more information on the F3 Americas drivers visit F3Americas.com.

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